The Very Latest in Wearable Tech for Dogs

The Very Latest in Wearable Tech for Dogs


If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know that they’re constantly on the move. They like to explore and roam around, but there are some dangers out there that could cause them harm if they weren’t watched closely. That’s where wearable tech for dogs comes in: it helps keep your pet safe by detecting where they are and alerting their owners when something goes wrong. Here we’ll go over some of the most popular options available today:

What is Wearable Tech for Dogs?

Wearable tech for dogs is the newest trend in pet technology. It’s a way to help you keep your dog healthy, and it can even be used to track their activity and location.

The most common type of wearable technology for dogs is something called a collar or an armband that contains sensors that record your pet’s vital signs every time they are worn (or not). These devices can detect heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and more—all things we want to know about our beloved animals!

Another type of wearable technology for dogs consists of small sensors embedded inside collars or harnesses designed specifically with dogs in mind: these products are much quieter than other types because they don’t need batteries; instead they rely on movement like walking or running so they don’t activate unless there’s something happening at that moment–like fear from another animal approaching them from behind suddenly moving forward quickly toward them as though trying to eat them alive!

Smart fence

Smart fences are a wireless system that uses a receiver to send an alert when your dog gets too close to the boundary. They’re great for keeping your dog safe from other dogs, people and vehicles.

The major benefit of using this type of system is that it can be installed at any distance away from your home or business, rather than just in front of it like traditional fences do (although they still work best if they’re installed close enough that you can see them). The receiver receives signals from the transmitter and relays them back to you via an app on your phone or tablet, so there’s no need for eye contact between you and your pet when it’s time for him/her to go outside after the last call has ended at night!

Pet Wearables

Wearable tech for dogs is a great way to keep your pet safe and happy. Smart fences and pet wearables can help you keep track of them, as well as alert you if they’re wandering too far away from home or getting into trouble. GPS trackers for dogs are also available in many shapes and sizes, so that they fit comfortably on their bodies while still being visible enough for anyone nearby to see when needed.

Pet wearables allow us to monitor our pets’ health at all times—whether it’s ensuring they don’t get lost while we’re out running errands or monitoring their heart rate during playtime with their owners (who don’t always have time).

GPS Trackers for Dogs

GPS trackers for dogs are a great way to keep track of your pet. They can be used to find your pet if they get lost, stolen, injured or sick.

GPS trackers for dogs also have other uses: you can use them as an anti-theft device if someone tries to take your dog and they have the same model as yours (this is called “tagging”).

Health Monitor for Dogs

A health monitor for a dog is a device that can help you keep track of your pup’s vital signs. It can also provide peace of mind by helping to detect certain diseases, such as cancer or disease before they become life-threatening. Health monitors use blood pressure cuffs and other sensors to measure the amount of blood flow in different areas of the body, including around the heart and lungs. If there are problems detected with these areas, the monitor will alert you immediately so that you can take action right away.

The benefits of using this type of technology extend beyond just knowing when something might happen; it also provides peace of mind during stressful situations such as surgery or travel—you’ll know exactly when everything looks good before heading out on any trip abroad! The drawback? They’re not cheap: some models cost up from $1K USD depending on how many features they offer (and if those features include GPS tracking). However, if being able to be alerted about potential issues before something goes wrong sounds like something worth paying extra money over then consider buying one today!

Wearable tech has many uses, and there are several options for your pet.

Wearable tech is a great way to keep your pet safe, and there are several options for your pup.

The first wearable tech option is a collar with GPS tracking. This will allow you to track the location of your dog so that if they get lost or injured in an accident, you can easily find them.

Another option would be a harness with built-in lights that light up when the dog approaches something dangerous (like an open door). These can also be paired with apps like Barking Assistant so that if anyone approaches while wearing one of these collars around their neck (or on their collar), they’ll know where they are without having to look at their phone screen every time someone walks by!

Popular Brands

Some top brands for pet wearable tech include:

FitBark 2 – Activity and sleep monitor that clips onto the collar

The FitBark 2 is a lightweight activity and sleep monitor that clips onto your dog’s collar. It tracks your dog’s everyday movements and rest patterns and provides health insights based on that data.

Key Features:

  • Tracks dog’s daily activity levels, playtime, rest patterns, and sleep
  • Monitors behavioural changes that may indicate deeper health issues. The app. syncs data and provides activity recommendations
  • Customizable fitness goals and progress monitoring
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 6-12 months

The FitBark 2 gives pet owners valuable insights into their dog’s health and behaviors. The real-time data and app notifications can help identify changes that need veterinary attention early on. Overall, it’s a great product to motivate active playtime and ensure your dog is getting proper rest.


Whistle – GPS Tracker and Health Monitor

Whistle Go Explore is a multifunctional dog collar that combines GPS tracking with health monitoring. It allows you to view your dog’s location in real-time and get notifications if they leave a designated safe zone.

Key Features:

  • Accurate and reliable GPS location tracking
  • Activity and health metric monitoring
  • Custom safe zones with escape alerts
  • Long 20-day battery life
  • Durable waterproof design

With Whistle Go Explore, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing their dog’s whereabouts at all times. The health metrics provide added insight into changes in behavior or activity that may need attention. It’s the ultimate product for adventurous, active dogs who love exploring the outdoors.


Garmin – Reliable GPS Tracker for Sporting Dogs

The Garmin Alpha 200i is a premium GPS tracker designed for hunting dogs and canines in the field. It offers accurate tracking of up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away.

Key Features:

  • Accurate GPS tracking up to 9 miles away
  • Tracks and monitors up to 20 dogs at once
  • Preloaded topographical maps
  • Two-way messaging using Iridium satellite
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours

With its advanced yet easy-to-use technology, the Garmin Alpha 200i provides indispensable tracking capabilities for hunting dogs and sporting breeds. It gives owners peace of mind when their dogs are out of sight exploring the wilderness.


Halo 3 – Wireless Smart Fence System

The Halo Collar 3 utilizes collar stimulation paired with GPS fencing to contain your dog in a customized wireless boundary. Owners can set virtual fences up to 10 miles for complete roaming control.

Key Features:

  • Humane stimulation levels to deter boundary-crossing
  • Accurate GPS boundary tracking
  • Customizable correction settings
  • IP67 waterproof and rugged collar
  • App with real-time location tracking

For pet owners looking for a wireless containment system, the Halo Collar 3 is an excellent option. It deters dogs from escaping while avoiding the hassle and limitations of underground wire fences. The app integration provides great insight and control over your dog’s wanderings.


PetPace – Full Health Monitoring Smart Collar

PetPace is an innovative smart collar that provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring of your dog’s health metrics. It tracks key vitals and alerts you to early signs of illness or distress.

Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, positions
  • Automatic recording and analysis of health metrics
  • Customizable alerts for abnormal readings
  • App dashboard displays trends and a health overview
  • Built-in temperature-controlled actuator for stress reduction

With its comprehensive health-tracking capabilities, the PetPace collar provides invaluable insights into a dog’s well-being. The early illness alerts and stress-reducing features can be life-saving and help dogs live longer healthier lives.


The Future is Here

We think it’s safe to say that wearable tech is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see what new products are coming our way. There are so many interesting applications for dogs in the future—from health monitoring and smart fences to GPS tracking devices, pet wearables and more!