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Clever Tech to Keep your Dog Safe & Healthy


The FitBark 2 clips onto your dog’s collar and monitors their everyday activity and sleep and turns that data into deep, actionable health insights. It’s a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active, explain changes in behavior, and make better decisions with your vet about nutrition, mobility, anxiety, skin conditions and other health issues.

“I tried all the GPS for dogs out there and have been waiting for FitBark to do a GPS version. The activity data is by far the best one out there – but the best part is the design. It’s the smallest GPS for dogs on the market.”

– Jerry W, Los Angeles, CA

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Halo 2+ GPS Dog Collar & Wireless Virtual Fence

Halo 2+ Collar Wireless Dog Fence

The Halo Collar is equal parts trainer, behavior corrector, and safety monitor. As the picture shows, it is an active collar with GPS smarts and a stimulus trigger to condition your dog to stay within the preset boundaries.

Feedback can include warnings, like beeping sounds or other alert tones. When they get closer to a boundary or start to cross it, you can use fairly gentle first-time corrections, like a vibrating buzz, to correct the behavior. Or, if needed, you can escalate your corrections to a static sound and buzz.

Now in its second generation, the Halo Collar addresses many of the earlier criticisms with better location accuracy, coverage up to 10 miles and IP-67 waterproofing. The battery carries a 12-hour charge with this time varying depending on your dog’s behavior and the number of trigger warnings!

To get the most from this unit, we recommend subscribing to one of their GPS subscription plans. This is especially useful if you want to to extend the roaming boundary across a large area.

Setup is as easily as walking around your perimeter boundary with your mobile phone (and yes, it works on both IOS and Android) and clicking to establish each of the triangulation points. This data is stored in the Halo Collar so once the boundaries are established, your phone can be used as a monitoring device.

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Garmin Alpha 200i Dog Tracking Handheld

Garmin Alpha 200i

Garmin Alpha 200i is what I would consider to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of dog trackers. It is feature rich and allows you to track up to 20 dogs simultaneously. More importantly, it can be used as both a tracking device and a training device at the same time. Not only can you locate your dogs at a range of up to 9 miles (14.5km) it also allows you to give commands and train from the handheld device.

If you are working with large packs of dogs in either a hunting or in a supervisory role, then this is probably the device you should consider. A standout feature of the Garmin Alpha 200i is that it uses multiple satellite systems for fast location retrieval and includes Interactive SOS alerts and two-way messaging via the 100% global Iridium satellite network. While this requires a subscription, it does provide peace of mind if you are traveling in a remote location far away from regular cellphone services.

The Garmin Alpha 200i includes topographic maps preloaded, with the option to download BirdsEye Satellite Imagery via a WiFi connection.

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